Zyanthia-HI - SaranonSaranon Vandragamond, an arroada sorceress from Darkonia. The surname links her to the most powerful sorcerer clan in the Zyanthian region. The Vandragamond are renowned for holding out against the Dreshan invasion. That took almost all of Zyanthia many years ago. Saranon made up a small group of three friends. She was the one who ended up having to do the hard work because her sorcery was stronger. She is adventurous, quick to temper, and more than a little stubborn. She has a tendency to run into trouble before it finds her. Her lack of experience is made up for with an abundance of determination.


Katholomu (Kat)

Zyanthia-HI - KatholomuHe is a full grown marmoz dragon in his prime. The marmoz are the king of dragons in the Zyanthian region bred for battle and war. They are the largest of all. Kat, along with the finest marmoz, was bred by the otturin. A mysterious sorcerer clan from the Menna mountain range in the north of Alveron. Even for a marmoz this dragon is a giant. Having to duck or squeeze into the average dragon pen for a good rest. Kat is most active at night when he can blend into the darkness. His coat ranges from dark to pitch black. Although some marmoz have been known to be a deep blue. The marmoz have been bred for their dark coat. He has been trained for battle and lives for danger. His first owner (in the Legacy of Zyanthia series) was a young man Kail from the otturin sorcerer clan. That was until he chose Saranon.

If you are a sorcerer or wizard seeking to vanquish your enemies this is the dragon for you.



Zyanthia-HI - MitchThe wayward wizard was destined for greatness, born into a reputable wizard family. His passion for adventure led him to join the Imperial Normisian Army. This would be a fine profession. Not for the second son of a high wizard in the cryzinelan clan. Mitchell Kregner is loyal to his friends and becomes Saranon’s companion. He is caught between his love for adventure and a destiny he turned away from. As a wizard he is a formidable match for the average sorcerer. He can also read peoples’ immediate thoughts. Only experienced sorcerers and fools would take him on in a fight.