‘The angeon is Darkonia’s answer to the oracle, a sorcerer born with the ability to break down all defences and render a civilisation powerless.’ There had been no Angeon since shortly after the Dreshan occupation ended over 200 years ago with Zeralden Hadenvar the last angeon who ruled Darkonia (as its Queen) by marriage to the King’s second son.


A weapon made by sorcery when dormant resembles a dagger, when activated resembles a sword it acts as a catalyst to magnify and aim the user’s energy and can be used equally well by wizards as well as sorcerers. ‘Portions of the earth and the keep appeared to rip free in the turmoil sweeping her upward in a time frame which seemed to take forever. Saranon felt each hand grasp something solid and heavy, something not yet formed. The two swords formed through the air and the dust, her tears and the earth, two bond-breakers. The most feared swords a sorcerer could use made of heart stone a melding of the elements to form a solid material that resembled crystal and sharp enough to cut through stone.’

Central core

orbThe working core mechanism which powers the keep, usually hidden away deep within the earth.  It is a large engine created by sorcery which then continues to thrive on a combination of energy drawn from deep within the earth and sorcery.  The combination creates a very raw and powerful energy which is difficult to manipulate.

Dead zone

This is created when part of the keep is not receiving energy from the central core or when energy has been diverted.

End node

Last outpost of a keep’s main energy source located at semi-regular intervals around the perimeter.


Dark skeletal creatures.

Fire mark

A mark on the right shoulder to, the symbol of the fires of chaos given to the issola in the camps.


Bonded wizard.


Wizard joined with a keep, it takes 60 hours to complete a union.


Restraint on sorcery, like a collar.

Imbenik chamber

Near the central core within the keep, in between the indolin chamber and the central core it contains alters where a sorcerer can meld with the keep.

Indolin chamber

Inside the keep, in between the habitable area and the central core.


Tools to fix a keep.


A building protected by a central core powered by sorcery and energy from the earth. The tunnels led down to the primary systems and the central core that transferred energy from far below the ground into the core and turned into a usable energy source. Most central cores were located deep in the ground where the temperature was constantly warm…’


Long giant cockroaches.


Fast method of travel.


Small (bird size) dragons.resting-dragon-only


Riding cat.


Small creature (cat size), part human with very sharp teeth and claws.


Big cat, the soul of the keep.


Tiny dragon.


Aquatic creature from the murky depths, larger than a mermaid.

Sacra seal

Small, can hold it on your hand.


Liquid inside the keep, very potent compressed raw energy.


Small mechanical creatures that help maintain the keep, they resemble a large spider.

Sova bag

A deceptive small light pouch that can become an enormous bag and hold a lot of objects, it will not hold living things.

Stallic energy

Energy from the keep.


Communication device. ‘The sorceress held up her talik a small round disc that could open small enough to fit in the palm of her hand and placed her thumb on the centre of the outside…’


Giant crab/spider, dark brown.

Uvalen Code

‘…A complex masterpiece describing the natural laws that governed sorcery.’


A large cat that normally lives within a keep, they are too big to fit in a house but that has not stopped the occasional one from trying and getting their head jammed in the doorway.

Zyanthian region

Amadicia, Taria, Normisia, Darkonia and Alveron were formed from one country called Zyanthia.