Art of Writing

IMG_9847-2 smallHidden in the dreams of time lies the ultimate quest to be discovered. Filled with dragons, danger, and a hint of the unexpected. The sword and sorcery adventure a waits. If you love fantasy start the journey with the Legacy of Zyanthia series.

Escape into fantasy where the path leads to many dangers. Discover a world of dragons set in an ancient mythical time of wizards and sorcery.

There is always a beginning hidden in the depths of time waiting to IMG_0011-2 smallsurface. In the midst of turmoil a quest unfolds. In the conflict gripping the sorcerer clans. Yet there is far more than the clans at stake hidden away in the darkest corner of Zyanthia.

A destiny awaits calling from a distant time. As the sorcery awakens, and the only way out is by the sword. Trust is but a word in a world where alliances have been forged. Knowledge lost, and the path a faded memory. The tranquil hillside is deceptive as the wizards roam guarding their strongholds against all. The land of dragons holds in the sway with an uneasy balance. One dangerous to traverse.

IMG_9958 smallChoose your company wisely for the path is riddled with danger from the unseen. The ancient mythical world comprises of anti-heroes, wizards, and a range of chaotic characters. Take care to whom you trust with alliances that remain unspoken. Dragons and their ridders rule the skies. In a harsh land of magical creatures where people fear to tread.

In the days of old the Zyanthian region fell to the sorcerers of the north. The once peaceful Zyanthia was forever divided. Yet in the world a secret lie hidden, one that time forgot. Forged from the ancient energy held deep within world of Tordoren. The sorcery of old will walk the land once more.

Chantelle Griffin has lived in two worlds, the real world and the dream world. IMG_0032 smallDaydreaming was not just a pastime it was a way of life. From the earliest moment the dreams consumed her. They were vivid, colourful, and dragged her into a world where anything was possible. This is how the world of Tordoren was formed. It beckoned to her from childhood and then lay forgotten.

Tales of sword and sorcery captivated the author from a young age. Staying up to read late into the night, there was just one problem. The stories would end too soon, and the characters would disappear with them. Left behind was the memory of what had been a fantastic magical adventure.

IMG_9979 smallThe author grew up, and relinquished the dream world to pursue her studies. Yet the farther she went the more it became a part of who she was. A fantasy world beckoned, one that continued to haunt Chantelle in her dreams. One filled with sorcerers, dragons, and many dangerous paths.

Tordoren, the dream world that had been with the author for so long came to life. The story that wanted to be told, it was proof that the fantasy world existed. Yet it also gave peace because it opened the door. To return to a world filled with dragons, magic and fantasy. Enter a mythical land where the struggle continues.