Behind the Books

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Welcome to behind the books. This is a sneak peek into the little known facts and occurrences from each story. If you ever wondered about the tiny changes that happen along the way. Check out the details from behind the stories.

Book One

Made in the Image of the Goddess

A scattering of maps, character details, and brief notes filled the drawers and cupboards. All bundled away to be carried from place to place. The story held in a myriad of vivid dreams that crept through. The descriptions grew yet there was one thing missing. Writing a full length novel has been a daunting task. It took courage to mark the beginning.

Faced with a dutiful blank page the scribbles began. This led into names, towns, and many creatures. That would roam the fantasy world of Tordoren. The creatures had only remained in dreams. They slipped into being in the writing. Disaster struck at the early in the story an unseen event changed the course of the story. The dilemma struck hard. Go with the second character as the lead or resurrect the original protagonist? The second character had a hot temper, a bag of faults, and an unusual sense of loyalty. Yet the story had led to this path, and so it continued.

Backstory reared its ugly head and the first chapter was scrapped. Never to be viewed again. A name eluded the first draft. The unofficial title ‘Pool of Knowledge’ was bestowed with a limited lifespan. The struggle behind the story was marked by two real life events. Two near death experiences, one to mark the beginning and the other to mark the end. Hence the first chapter is titled ‘The beginning of the end’.

A novel worthy of an epic journey took six years to write the first draft. Escape to the fantasy that is ‘Made in the Image of the Goddess’. Welcome to the Legacy of Zyanthia series.

Book Two

Running through the Rising Tide

It is time to become acquainted with the most feared nemesis to stand in the way. The antagonist remains the strongest, the most confronting, and the most enthralling to play. There were times when it took an hour to enter the mind frame of the nemesis. It took forever to relax afterward. He owned the scenes as only a true antagonist would.

The large scale chase leading up to the fight scenes. It took the author into a new level of plotting and scheming. With each sequence outlined. The work leading to the final moment and then it was time to let go. Even with plotting and scheming. The real confrontation remains in the hands of the characters. A gamble is made when there is no way of knowing the outcome until the words appear on the page. This ending was full of surprises a character lived when they were meant to die. The protagonist refused to follow the plot, and created an unexpected twist.

These are but a few things that make the story as exciting as the first. If you wish to know more read the second novel in the Legacy of Zyanthia series.

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