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When Can You Call it a Book?

If you have ever been through a long process you will know what it’s like. In case you haven’t guessed this has been a major project. From the first moment to all the changes along the way and the decisions that had to be made. I am a writer first and foremost. It has been a roller coaster ride and I have met some wonderful people along the way. My friends are writers, readers, indie authors and traditionally published. There has been so much to learn along the way and sifting through the advice takes time. One consistent message that comes across is that writing is hard work. Editing is hard work and so is making the decision to be an indie author.

The Tragedy

If my life was a movie I can definitely say there was a huge fall before getting to this stage. I won’t lie. I almost died and for a few months spent time in hospital. Everything became jumbled and that carefully considered plan disappeared. There are two main types of self-published books. The one you publish for yourself and the one you publish for an audience. The first time I hit the publish button it was for me. I am not ashamed to say it was a selfish decision. All I wanted was to hold a physical copy of my book. After everything that happened to get that far was a big achievement.

The Climb

Something rather unexpected occurred from my first attempt I gained a few fans. Yes it was a surprise to me and I felt like I owed it to them to put all the hard work in to re-release the book. Only this time it would be for an audience. How much work is involved? Oh my goodness. I thought I knew, but that was nowhere close. Feedback from readers, comments for the developmental stage. How many edits? I lost count after more than twenty. Then there were professional edits, cover art and learning programs. Wow! Was it worth it? Yes. Was I prepared for the amount of hard work? Maybe, but the journey made the result absolutely worth it.

Time to Celebrate

In the beginning I wrote for me then thanks to a few fans I wrote for an audience. In all it has been an incredible journey spanning twelve years. From the moment I sat down at my desk. I began writing the first chapter from a series of dreams that stayed with me and wanted to be told. Then deleted it and began again. This time it was real. After writing snippets, building a world and naming characters this was it. A fantasy world appeared, one with dragons and wizards, swords and sorcery, and adventure. Thanks to everyone who has been part of the journey.


Fantasy Novels

The Versatile Blogger Award

I have been nominated for this award by Romana @ ABookNerd. Thank you 🙂 She has a wonderful blog!

The last week has been rather chaotic and exciting all at the same time. The books arrived, I only ordered ten and they flew around the world so fast! They will soon be the most travelled books at this rate. This was totally unexpected and I appreciate the enthusiasm. The last thing I remembered to do was practice the author signature 😛

The Rules:

1) Display the award on your blog.

2) Thank the blogger that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

3) Share 7 facts about yourself.

4) Nominate 15 10 0 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blog. (I am happy to be nominated, but prefer not to pass it on.)

Um, okay 7 facts now let me think…

Photograph by Rex Direen, 1995
  1. Did you know that at night you see in black and white, then your mind fills the colour in? When I was young I would go out into the garden at night and see everything in… you guessed it… black and white.
  2. I have written poetry for years, but… It is my sister who won a poetry award at school.
  3. After keeping my room tidy for a whole week my mother let me paint my room. So I painted the ceiling and then the room.
  4. My first cat, Sam, thought it was fun to roll down the hill over and over again. Each time he would bump into me and interrupt my writing with a look that said ‘Oh, I didn’t see you there.’
  5. At university a friend who was studying a computing course asked me to play a game of chess. I hadn’t played for a while and won much to the amusement of everyone else watching.
  6. I have an accidental habit of separating metal toy mind teasers (the type that connect and then you have to figure out how to separate the parts). I was visiting a friend and during the coversion managed to unlock five of these just by picking them up. My friend was not impressed because she had not been able to unlock any.
  7. Last of all… I am a tea drinker, I don’t think I could make it through the day without a nice cup of hot tea 🙂





The Cramm Award

Thank you to Sergio @Scamander’sSuitcase for nominating me for the Cramm Award, and also Liv @theCramm, who created this award!

I usually post once a month but the universe has other ideas, at this rate I will have been posting twice a week 🙂 In other news it feels like the last three years have just been crammed into one week. The paperback for the re-release of my first book arrived and oh my goodness. It looks so amazing! It would look at home on my bookshelf it’s so exciting to actually see it. I’m going to leave you with a cliff hanger and save a photo for the next update! Well, maybe a peak won’t hurt.

Rules (Bloggers have class):

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    • Share one thing you hope to do that will improve the world
    • Answer your challenge question
    • Nominate 10+ bloggers and give them a fun ‘challenge question’ (I don’t share, but I am happy to be nominated.)

Three Things that Motivate Me to Blog:

  1. Each post shows me how far I have come. It’s a little snapshot in time. When I am struggling and need a reminder that every bit helps move forward it’s uplifting to go back and trace my steps.
  2. Sometimes I meet people with similar interests or who just may be dropping by. It’s a fantastic way make a connection.
  3. On one hand being a writer can be incredibly lonely. It’s a long difficult path to follow with much to learn along the way. On the other hand it is incredibly social and relies on a fantastic team of people for support. Blogging allows me to hide away and at the same time reach others over a far distance.

Three People that Motivate Me to Blog:

  1. This probably sounds silly, but there is a small group of people who look forward to the occasional update. When I know there is an audience it makes blogging more fun.
  2.  This may surprise you, but I am the only one of my many relatives who writes novels. It creates this slight sense of amazement and bewilderment, to avoid any awkwardness it’s easier to blog. That way they can be part of the journey without having to ask.
  3. Last of all, I motivate me. After all who else is going to write it, blogs don’t write themselves!

One thing I hope to do to improve the world:

Writing is one long journey taken one step at a time, just as kindness is a virtue taken one small act at a time. I like to start by being polite, it makes the day a little brighter.

Challenge Question: If you could change into any animal at will what would it be, and what would be the first thing you would do?

What a question for a fantasy author? I would change into a dragon, and the first thing I would do is fly. Then start collecting a hoard of valuable items to keep in a lair buried deep in the hillside, in between dive bombing into the river so as to splash passers-by.