Book Four

Challenging the Fires of Chaos

The Legacy of Zyanthia Book Four

Book Four

Saranon made out the cloud gathering along the horizon. Clara glanced up and shouted, ‘Run!’

Saranon stood mesmerised as the dragon riders hurtled towards them. She did not have time to run.

The sorcery built up inside her as she steadied herself. She could see the riders as they glided in.

A mighty rumble bellowed behind as her dragon roared. She saw the full burst of flames melt through the sky. The air singed the wisps of her hair as she gazed up in amazement and straight into the glare of the dragon.

It spoke one word, ‘Coward.’

Enter an epic tale of sword and sorcery. More than two hundred years ago a powerful sorceress freed her people then vanished. As time passed truth turned into myth and myth became legend. The time has come again. Saranon must claim her rightful place before Zyanthia falls.

Book Four
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