Chantelle’s mother remains one of the most famous witnesses in Australian legal history. The first large screen movie the author saw, at the age of nine, had an actress playing her as an infant when she was at Uluru on 17 August 1980 at the same campsite as the Chamberlains.

She began publishing poetry later in life with the first release coinciding with the fortieth anniversary of the disappearance of Azaria. While most poems have been released in the volumes for the anthology, more than a thousand were written throughout a twelve year period.

Chantelle has a Master of Environmental Planning and enjoys life at half pace with two cats. Her first fantasy book was released too soon, after a near death experience and a second edition was published four years later. She resides in Tasmania and continues to write as a past time in the evening.

Making way for ideas

Chantelle begins with an idea for the whole book then spirals outwards. Expanding this into an outline for each chapter.

Much plotting and scheming occurs as the story thickens. Especially when characters develop a sense of entitlement and take over. At the beginning the story stays with the plot. Then the scheming deepens the conflict. Adding all sorts of misadventure and danger to the path.

The most fun is had when the story leads in a different direction. Then collides with the end at full pace. Making room for ideas can be a challenge. With results that can be spectacular and unexpected.


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