Book Two

Running through the Rising Tide

The Legacy of Zyanthia Book Two

Book Two

Saranon clung on as Mitch commanded the dragon to turn in the night sky. He remained silent. She was about to speak as the blast of wizardry seared overhead. The display crackled through the night air. ‘I thought they were expecting us,’ she snapped.

The outer shield flared as she made contact. ‘Stay where you are,’ Captain Argaston shouted.

The dragon struck his claws deep into the ground. The shield lowered and let them through. Her sorcery surged from within, and she winced with the pain.

There was no way to hide it as she fell to the ground.

Enter an epic tale of sword and sorcery. More than two hundred years ago a powerful sorceress freed her people then vanished. As time passed truth turned into myth and myth became legend. The time has come again. Saranon must claim her rightful place before Zyanthia falls.

Book Two
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