Series One

The Legacy of Zyanthia

In a world of sorcery only one will rise

A mighty dragon bred for battle many years before hears the world of Tordoren calling. The time has come again for the sorcery of old to walk the land once more.

Escape into a fantasy world. One forged of sword and sorcery in a mythical ancient world. The battle to survive has begun, and the consequences are great.

Amidst the growing conflict the knowledge of the angeon. The one born with the oldest form of sorcery is all but lost. In the devastation that fell upon Zyanthia more than 200 years ago.

It took the last angeon and almost all trace of what was, and what will be. Hidden away in the darkest corner of what was once Zyanthia. The one born with the most powerful sorcery in the region is trapped in a dangerous game. One that has stricken the country as jealousy grows among the sorcerer clans.

Time has passed, and a prophecy long forgotten awakens amidst the conflict. The journey is treacherous for the ultimate quest. Amidst a world that is unprepared for the consequences. For destiny awaits the one with the sorcery of old. The path, the final test can give the power to make or break the world anew.

One goal, one aspiration, and the time has come to rise. For failure would mark the end. Two swords in a cold fit of revenge, a glimmer of hope, and no escape. All options point in one direction, the ultimate quest, and the journey begins.

Trust is but a memory as dragons search the skies, and the only way out is forged in blood.

Saranon is born with the sorcery of old. She must discover the secret hidden in time and claim the path of the angeon if she is to succeed.

Escape into a world of dragons and sorcery. Where the legacy of Zyanthia lies, waiting to be discovered.

Book one
Book two
Book three
Book four

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