Know Your Why as a Writer


know-reasonThe main question that can take a while to answer is the reason why you write. This involves thinking about which path you wish to go on. There is an abundance of information online about what you could do and the paths you can take. The issue is when an assumption is made that you already know the reason why you want to write. Some of these describe processes and give advice in areas that may not be relevant to you. If you know your why this can make it so much easier to sift through all the advice.

First Step

For me the first reason was simply to write a novel. After the novel was complete in first draft it was time to reassess. I took my notebook and wrote down a brief summary of why I was writing. This helped to keep the focus and also act as a guide to revisit where later on. If you keep your reason why short and simple it can be useful in many ways. Including the task of searching through information and finding what suits you best.

Each Stage

I found myself re-evaluating the reason why on several occasions. Each time it has helped to stay focused on what I am doing now and where I would like to be. In the early stage I began writing just for me it was not designed to be read by others. At the time that was fine because it was practice. It took many drafts before it was ready for an audience. A few years later when my writing continued and one manuscript became three. It was time to rethink the early goals and my reason why.

Long Term Goals

Writing is a process and the craft can take years to develop. A long-term plan of where you intend to be can help keep track of your progress. You do not have to stay with the plan, but it helps when you need to readjust. If you intend to publish there are many options. This can help refine the option to one that best suits your goals. It can also help you focus on what will best help you to achieve the long-term goals. In the beginning it can be a daunting task, but every step can bring a goal a little bit closer.




6 comments on “Know Your Why as a Writer”

  1. Good post, and thought provoking. I’ve always just liked writing, but now that I am writing a novel I should probably think about my goals in a long term sense.

    1. It is fantastic for knowing how much you have achieved when you get further along. When I have a week where almost nothing gets done it is easier to deal with self doubt when there’s a goal to head towards. Good luck 😊

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