The Liebster Award!


I am happy to announce I was nominated for the Liebster Award. I would like to thank Kate@MeltingPotsandOtherCalamaties for nominating me! She has a fantastic website that covers Webtoons as well as books. The rules are:Thank the person who nominated you and answer the 11 questions they’ve written for you. Nominate 11 people and give them 11 different questions to answer. (I prefer not to pass these on, but thanks for nominating me ☺️)


What kind of blog tags are your favorite to do?

This is my very first. Woohoo! Thanks Kate 🙂

How do you come up with ideas for blog posts?

Umm… Somtimes I just hope it happens. I tend to relate the post to something I have been up to, it’s a bit like a writing journal.

Give an example of an OTP/ship, BrOTP (favorite friendship) and NOTP (least favorite ship)

OTP: Nynaeve al’Meara and Lan Mandragoran from the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. ( I had to think because I usually don’t read romance.)BrOTP: Shane Schofield and Gena Newman in the Shane Schofield series by Matthew Reilly.NOTP: This is a difficult one because I prefer it when a romance does not work out (in true fantasy style). I may have to pass.

Are there any fandoms you’d like to possibly join?

I have met Garth Nix the author of ‘Sabriel’, I would definately be interested in joining a fandom for the book. I have also been interested in the ‘Wheel of Time’ series by Robert Jordan.

List a few problematic favorite characters.

I think all my favourite characters have problems. In terms of problematic in the form of development, I would have preferred to see more character growth with Richard Cypher and Kahlan Amnell in the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind.

Who is a writer whose writing style you may not care for, but you love anyway?

I find myself drawn to the stories by J. R. R. Tolkien, but I would not wish to write in his style. Tolkien was one of a kind.

What are some books/TV shows/movies/Webtoons you liked less than you thought you would?

I am embarrassed to admit ‘Talon’ by Julie Kagawa. The book cover and blurb suggested fantasy, but the story was not. I realise this is more a reflection on the marketing team rather than the author.

Now list some books/TV shows/movies/Webtoons you liked more than you thought you would.

The Impossible Quest series by Kate Forsyth. This is for middle grade, but the story is beautifully written. ‘The Cut Out’ by Jack Heath. I know the author so I have a habit of buying every book. This one sat on the shelf for 6 months, it is the second book I wish I had read earlier. ‘Ice Station’ by Matthew Reilly. My brother bought me Ice Station and it sat on the shelf for 2 years, I still think the blurb on the back does not match the story. I was running out of things to read and somehow managed to read the whole book in three days.

What is a fandom you have an unpopular opinion towards? Can be a good opinion or bad one.

I am having trouble trying to think of this one.

Do you have any blog recommendations?

The one thing about blogs I follow and my own that I look for is personality. It would be very boring if we were all the same ☺️

Please read my blog post Matching Webtoons with Fandoms. Are there any Webtoons you’d like to check out now?

When I was at university my friends would buy a so many cartoons it was hard to keep track. There were some great ones with a steampunk theme.



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