Too Much Plotting

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When it’s hard to figure out how that wonderful first drafting plummeted into so much editing. It was time to look at the structure. I had agreat deal going on, introducing new characters and complicated scenes. It took a while to step back and figure out where to start. The story was there, but how could it be so much easier to see. I wasgetting nowhere. I pulled out the books on how to write for anyclues. Perhaps tackling a large battle scene had become too much. Self doubt was beginning to creep in.

Small Steps Forward

I sat down to work out what I had. Too many subplots running along and in the process the main story had been suffocated. Sometimes scenes have to go and this time it was characters that left. I had createdplenty of characters, but it felt odd removing some completely. Slowly whittling away at edges to bring the real story home. In between odd moments, I wondered if it was the right thing. If it would help to remove too much plot. As each part went, some characters fled to the background as others vanished all together. The story held and with every stage it grew stronger.

Keeping the Main Story

Somewhere between the beginning and near the end of editing the story had finished its tale. The fourth and last book in the series was almost complete. It’s been a long road, travelling with the main character Saranon. A reckless sorceress who was never meant to take the lead. Mitch, a wizard who had his own problems to face. Last of all, Katholomu, the great big clumsy dragon with a love for danger and flying straight into it. Saranon grew beyond the story, leading the way right to the end.