Azaria Poems – one week on

It was wonderful to see a poetry book do so well upon release. On Amazon it made number 48 in the category for Australian and Oceanian Poetry. This year will mark forty years since I met Azaria Chamberlain. It is hard to believe that an event in my life affected so many.

A personal view

For me, as with many other who were at the centre of the storm the grief was unimaginable. The certainty of what we had witnessed so absolute. Yet this grief had to be relived over and over again, in the media and behind closed doors. It ebbs and flows like an ever moving tide.


If there is one universal thing, we who were there forgive. There is no malice, no ill will, what was done is part of our past. Having said this, no one speaks for me. I have my own voice and forty years later it is time. After all has been said and done. I walk a path alone, one that remains unique.

Published by Chantelle Griffin

The ultimate quest is about to begin. If you love fantasy with adventure and a hint of the unexpected. Escape into fantasy, and the mystical world of magic mixed with adventure. Where you are in good company. Although chose your company wisely. There are anti-heroes, wizards, and a range of chaotic characters ahead. Not to mention dragons. A fantasy world set in an ancient mythical world has to have dragons. Tales of sword and sorcery with danger thrown in. Captivated Chantelle from a young age. Reading until all hours of the night to find out what would happen to the characters. There was just one problem the fantasy world was not enough. The story would finish far too soon. Hidden away in the distant past the life of a fantasy writer began. The real life struggles have been a saga all of their own for author Chantelle Griffin. Originally known as Chantelle Lowe and born in Tasmania, Australia. Her dreams haunted her from an early age. Vivid tumultuous dreams carrying adventure and danger. Took the author into her own fantasy world filled with sorcery and treachery. A story that continues to captivate her writing. If you love fantasy with adventure follow the Legacy of Zyanthia series.

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