A tree full of parakeets

Over the last few weeks more than 30 parakeets joyfully devoured the apples on my one, overgrown apple tree. From dawn until dusk they chatted away, filling their bellies to the point where some had trouble taking off. On the very last day, this one parakeet climbed between the window and the cat pen. It waited until I came right to the window, thanked me by dancing and left.

Stumbling into a routine

It feels as though the weeks of working at home have flown by. With all the energy gone on the rapid change of figuring out how to settle into a new routine. As things start to go back to semi-normal there has been time to write again.

Be easy on yourself

My writing routine has been a mess, but there are times when life and the little things are more important. It can be very draining adjusting to change. I have done this several times. Once, when I had to say goodbye to my healthy full-time life and acknowledge that fatigue meant fewer hours in the day. I had to reassess what was important and valued each waking hour so much more. When I have a setback, instead of getting upset I give myself the space needed to heal. Be easy on yourself at a time when we are adjusting to change.

Published by Chantelle Griffin

The ultimate quest is about to begin. If you love fantasy with adventure and a hint of the unexpected. Escape into fantasy, and the mystical world of magic mixed with adventure. Where you are in good company. Although chose your company wisely. There are anti-heroes, wizards, and a range of chaotic characters ahead. Not to mention dragons. A fantasy world set in an ancient mythical world has to have dragons. Tales of sword and sorcery with danger thrown in. Captivated Chantelle from a young age. Reading until all hours of the night to find out what would happen to the characters. There was just one problem the fantasy world was not enough. The story would finish far too soon. Hidden away in the distant past the life of a fantasy writer began. The real life struggles have been a saga all of their own for author Chantelle Griffin. Originally known as Chantelle Lowe and born in Tasmania, Australia. Her dreams haunted her from an early age. Vivid tumultuous dreams carrying adventure and danger. Took the author into her own fantasy world filled with sorcery and treachery. A story that continues to captivate her writing. If you love fantasy with adventure follow the Legacy of Zyanthia series.

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