Bringing a Cause or Two, or More

A story is bound to have more than one character, maybe many. This is where the plot can become rather entangled because every character has a need or desire. No matter how well characters get along their needs and desires may not be the same, and even if they are it can still cause conflict.Continue reading “Bringing a Cause or Two, or More”

Tales of Old to Fill in the Gaps

This is the important back story that takes a great deal of planning only to be used in glimpses in the writing. Yet the background determines the current setting. It can also influence the future sequences of events. This is the omnipresent part of writing where actions have already been set. Allegiances made, agreements broken,Continue reading “Tales of Old to Fill in the Gaps”

World Building Takes Time

Perhaps it happens at the dead of night when you are fast asleep, or waiting for a bus. Either way it takes time and depth to create a world for fantasy writing. Tiny scraps of paper soon add up. Then the note books start piling up, and at some stage you find yourself surrounded withContinue reading “World Building Takes Time”