Story Lines

Story telling can take on a life of its own. Halfway through writing the series there was a question that needed to be answered. This meant putting the pen down, saving the draft, and taking a journey into the past. It is a difficult task keeping the backstory out of a series.  Yet the background demandedContinue reading “Story Lines”

Organising the Background

There is always a beginning it’s just that sometimes it gets lost in the past. The trouble starts when you have to go back and pick up the pieces. The background is a combination of events. These weave themselves closer to one moment when a book is written. I am not sure when it happened, but itContinue reading “Organising the Background”

A Spark of Imagination

The fantasy world began with a spark that kept going through the darkest days. Maintaining focus in the lonely hours filled with writing. The idea flowed as it built momentum to the end. With an imagination that provided the ignition to the flame. That burned bright until the final stage was done. This is how I beganContinue reading “A Spark of Imagination”