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Avoiding Editing

No, I am not editing again. Well yes I am, but it’s one of those things where anything can be a distraction. I have never regretted editing. The finished product is always worth the toil. The cringing, the ‘did I really forget to a word how many times?’ I have a habit of leaving out ‘the’ in the middle of a sentence. It’s like a treasure hunt for to find all the lost words. The other habit is joining two thoughts together mid-sentence. If it takes more than 5 minutes to figure it out the sentence gets deleted. What was I thinking? Umm…

Unravelled Plans

The best part is finding out that the story makes sense. You have no idea how of a relief that is. On top of that I went head long into a large scene with many characters. Did that go according to plan? No… Did it cause panic and chaos? Absolutely! Somehow through all this the underlying story made sense. *Breathes a sigh of relief at the small miracle*

Rebellious Characters

It can be rather complicated trying to keep track of that much action. It was fun, surprising and annoying all at the same time. The dragon just wanted to melt snow. The wrong person died. The person who was supposed to be trouble ended up being nice. Don’t ask me how that happened. I have no idea. The best part of editing os reading the story and finding hidden gems that were all but forgotten.

Writer Thoughts

Time is a Novelty

Time NoveltyIt is always fun when diving back into an unfinished story. Now where did I leave that character? What did that mean? If you are like me then the mind will weave clues into your writing that only make sense later. Resembling a magical trail of bread crumbs spread throughout the pages. A clue with no meaning re-emerged to take over the story. It is not the first so I clung on for the ride. That is why editing waits until after the first draft is finished. Things have a habit of reappearing much later. As a writer it can feel the same as being in a tug-of-war. On one hand I think I know what is happening and then everything goes topsy-turvy. I have lost count of the times I thought, did I mean to do that?

Falling into a Scene

There is only so much planning that can go into a scene to mix all the ingredients together. Then the wait begins and the suspense builds to find out how the pieces will fall. When almost halfway through the story a formidable villain appeared. Through a sequence of events the scene lies in wait. All the pieces of the puzzle ready to fall into place. I do not like predicting an outcome so I think of multiple outcomes before a fight scene. Halfway through a series and I still let my protagonist rise and fall by the final flow of a scene. There have been a few times when characters have not wanted to live or die as per the outline. Once an outcome is written in first draft it stays. That is one line I do not cross. There will be no resurrecting of characters here.

Fall Out

This leads to the next problem, what if a character lives? For some reason villains don’t want to die, who would have thought? The best thing about going into a fight scene with many outcomes is that the danger is real. There is more at stake. If I am not sure who will win then it will not be clear until the end. Have faith in your characters and let them achieve on their own.


Writing Tips

Stumbling and Avoidance

AvoidanceIt has been an interesting experience. Diverting from the path of writing a series to write a novella set in the past. For one thing the dangerous fowl tempered dragon turned into a cute cuddly hatchling. It gets into mischief on a miniature scale. It all began with a question, what happened to a legendary character? What happened before? There is still some more books to write but the big question focused on the end. Not just the end of the book I was working on, but the end of the series. Somewhere locked away in the distant past of a fantasy world one moment remained. An event pivotal to the path that had led the story to this point. It lay hidden, forgotten, and unsaid buried in the pages and a world that had grown up around it.

Stepping into the Past

Much remained outside the focus of the story for the series. There the last remnants of the old world remained. Yet one had gone before, a leader, a myth, and then a legend. A character that had so much in common with the protagonist. Yet as the story evolved the differences became clear. This protagonist was going to lead me down the path with a unique perspective. There had been a terrible assumption on my part. I thought that there would only be one type of character as the lead. It pains me to say it but I thought I could only write one type of protagonist. The doubt set in as the character diverged and changed, was I doing the right thing. Three manuscripts later and all my mistakes had taught me one thing. To follow the path the character was taking.

Blending Past and Present

One pivotal moment experienced by two different characters across a vast timeframe. On that journey I learned that one was anti-hero flawed in so many ways. The other was a hero with all the naivety that came with in experience. Yet somehow the two merged to reach the same event. A moment that would take a journey spanning a series to discover. That is why I love writing, when you start you are not the same as when you reach the end.