Stumbling and Avoidance

It has been an interesting experience. Diverting from the path of writing a series to write a novella set in the past. For one thing the dangerous fowl tempered dragon turned into a cute cuddly hatchling. It gets into mischief on a miniature scale. It all began with a question, what happened to a legendary character? What happenedContinue reading “Stumbling and Avoidance”

A Challenge to Write a Children’s Story

Children’s stories were something I had not contemplated for one reason. They are deceptively simple. After writing poetry for twelve years and loving sonnets because of their tight structure. I was reluctant to dive into a story with an equal amount of difficulty. Yes, those well-loved childhood stories hide a secret. They require a highContinue reading “A Challenge to Write a Children’s Story”

Having Fun on the Run

There are many great moments that happen in the gaps in between. Moments that can provide fun and laughter, or just a hint of reality. These little gems can add much more giving characters depth or showcasing their flaws. Some unexpected sideways steps I have encountered involved falling down a hole, or vomiting on aContinue reading “Having Fun on the Run”