A Challenge to Write a Children’s Story

Red Dragon - LongChildren’s stories were something I had not contemplated for one reason. They are deceptively simple. After writing poetry for twelve years and loving sonnets because of their tight structure. I was reluctant to dive into a story with an equal amount of difficulty. Yes, those well-loved childhood stories hide a secret. They require a high level of execution and craft. If someone had asked me earlier I would have avoided the challenge. The thought of all those restrictions made me squeamish.

The Challenge

I was commenting on the story structure in a children’s book. My friend seized on the opportunity to issue a dare. Write a children’s story that begins with ‘once upon a time’ and ends with ‘the end’. I accepted. After ten years of writing novels, including the painstaking task of editing. I thought it was time to go back and revisit some of my old poetry skills. This combined with a rigid structure and reading level sounded like a fun exercise.

The Task

After having written 70,000 words (260 pages) a length of 500 words looked tiny. I love creating titles, all my books began with a title and this was no exception. The list of titles grew to eighteen in all. Instead of writing just one I wrote three stories with a fantasy theme. I have always preferred fantasy when escaping from the real world into reading. For me there is only one type of fantasy and it involves a dragon, a large clumsy one named Bruce.


Words matter with children’s stories. The first 100 words, the second 100 words, and so on. These are the common words that children learn when they are beginning to read. This enables them to branch outward when learning. I did say that this was going to be difficult, and fun. Playing with words is a challenge but it can also be rewarding.

Published by Chantelle Griffin

The ultimate quest is about to begin. If you love fantasy with adventure and a hint of the unexpected. Escape into fantasy, and the mystical world of magic mixed with adventure. Where you are in good company. Although chose your company wisely. There are anti-heroes, wizards, and a range of chaotic characters ahead. Not to mention dragons. A fantasy world set in an ancient mythical world has to have dragons. Tales of sword and sorcery with danger thrown in. Captivated Chantelle from a young age. Reading until all hours of the night to find out what would happen to the characters. There was just one problem the fantasy world was not enough. The story would finish far too soon. Hidden away in the distant past the life of a fantasy writer began. The real life struggles have been a saga all of their own for author Chantelle Griffin. Originally known as Chantelle Lowe and born in Tasmania, Australia. Her dreams haunted her from an early age. Vivid tumultuous dreams carrying adventure and danger. Took the author into her own fantasy world filled with sorcery and treachery. A story that continues to captivate her writing. If you love fantasy with adventure follow the Legacy of Zyanthia series.

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