Finding a Writing Muse

Last winter took its toll and this meant no writing for three months. During this time I discovered podcasts. When I cannot write I read, but this time neither was an option. This is how I found myself searching for podcasts about writing. It did not occur to me to try audiobooks until later. ListeningContinue reading “Finding a Writing Muse”

Setting the Task of Writing

If only writing was that simple, and life stood still so you could have all the time in the world. It matters not where you write or if it is fifteen minutes or half an hour. When writing a novel every little bit counts. Every tiny step forward moves closer to the end. When I embarkContinue reading “Setting the Task of Writing”

Some Determination for Goals

If someone had told me how long it would take to write a novel I would not have believed it. All the writing, re-working, and editing was beyond me, and that was just the first book. I am preparing it for re-release which is exciting, and taking most of my attention. Being an introvert tends to limitContinue reading “Some Determination for Goals”